the forgotten songs

by Luminous Flesh Giants

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The demo was recorded in Jan 2000 just before I moved to Melbourne for good. It was recorded by Chris Lau on some pretty ordinary gear who did well to get the sounds he did. It was great to record in his basement; I've spent a huge amount of time in that room over the years and was very comfortable tracking there.

All three tracks have been mastered by Doug Hardy. In his words, "it was a labour of love!". (Doug, you are a fucking champion.... a cut above the rest! Thankyou for spending so much time on this.)

I might throw a few more things up here if I find them but otherwise that is pretty much it for LFG. A lot of stuff was never recorded and we have pretty much no pictures of ourselves ever playing despite the fact that we did a shit load of gigs for an original band in Adelaide at that time.

I have been writing plenty of stuff and will continue to let people know about recordings and gigs through various websites such as the Lumimous Flesh Giants facebook page even though LFG doesn't exist anymore.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned!




released January 1, 2000

Luke Whelan: Drums
Derek McClure: Bass
Rick Whelan: Songwrting, Guitar and vocals



all rights reserved


Luminous Flesh Giants Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Hey Kid!
Hey Kid, why you look so old?
Don't feel like you have to be anyone anymore
Tried so hard to get ahead
But something's pulling you, pulling down below

All you want to do is leave
Travel to a hill and see your way through
Over time the faces blur but the fear remains
Would you like to be believed?

Hey Kid, why you look so cold?
Has the sickness blasted through your veins into your past?
It's become the same to those who just want to believe you.
As long as you feed the urge you'll live life on your back.
Track Name: Eyes wide awake
Honour, in the eye of mind, to speak
Hope is loose and very much assumed
Communication leads me to a feast
Feelings forming in the inner core

The traffic opens as I turn to look away
The sights persuade me, 'cause my eyes are wide awake
Give your attention to the girl who went away
Departing line is "are you gonna be ok?"

Needing help is not the best of times
No dependency is cold but dry
Warmth is in demand but not supplied
Try to take what is deserved but only just denied

Climbing back is such a test of strength
Learn to fight and learn to disappear
Salt rubbed into wounds, I smile with pain
Feelings forming, I must be alive.
Track Name: Breakfast Budd
Breakfast Budd

I’m late this morning, should have been somewhere an hour ago now I can’t be fucked.
My head ain’t working, I think my neuro-net’s waiting on a version of a new plug-in.
Load the utensil, breathe in and count up to ten, the soma takes its toll and under I go.
Under the blanket, where it’s all smoky and warm, the soma takes control and under I go......

Breakfast Budd help me through the day
you’ll make me miss my bus again

Everything’s fuzzy, I can’t see where it all ends, direction takes a backseat when I’m bent.
Energy crisis, lethargy rules with a flick of a wrist and a lazy eye.
Where’s my achievements? Have I done anything right? I’m s’posed to have some sort of life by now.
It’ll just happen, sit back and let it take place, I smoke a 25 as fast as I can.....

Breakfast Budd help me through the day
you’ll make me miss my bus again
Push all my worries to one side
For you I breathe in and you confide

You confide, you console
you eat my dole, and you take control

Open the can up, let’s go and see if there’s disinformation from those at war.
Fighting for freedom, turning a blind eye to any detrimental problem in the past.
Watch the oppressors, there’s is to cut any form of education that informs of choice.
It doesn’t matter, sit back and let it take place, I smoke a 25 as fast as I can.....


Help me find the zone again
Help me find the zone again
Help me find the zone again
Help me!